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Kindness of Strangers in Anarchy

Jonathan Zittrain’s recent TED talk captures my delight in the irrepressible kindness of human beings. This talk shows how the kindness of the many can overcome the tyranny of the few.

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  1. goodiemonster says

    Thanks for pointing this out. While watching this talk I kept thinking three words: Voluntary Mutual Aid. The implications and underlying themes in the talk have always been with humanity, but in my mind we seem to have lost this at the local neighbor/real world level, yet it seems to be popping up online. It’s interesting because I’ve heard and read other articles kind of implying the same kinds things regarding the internet. When I hear/read these kinds of things I can’t help but think of the 19th century Individualist Anarchists and their ideas of a free market socialism; there is no state involved but people voluntarily come together in support of each other and solve problems and no one person is greater or has more “power” than another (maybe the last part is a stretch,,, but eh… it sounded good).

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