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A Different Kind of War

Dale Everett wrote an important post today in the form of an open letter to our fellow libertarian bloggers who have been espousing violence in the war on statism.

Among the many truths in this post, Dale states:

Inflicting suffering on another does nothing to heal our own harm.


On some level, we know we’re becoming much like whomever we’re angry at, but we all have our justification systems, sometimes rather elaborate.

Dale acknowledges the anger among some of our friends and encourages them to evolve past it by fighting a different kind of war from the type fought by those in governments.

There is another benefit in this evolution for those of us who refuse to grant special privilege to those wearing costumes–It helps us differentiate our friends and allies from those who use violence to achieve their goals.

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  1. RedScourge says

    You should check out Stefan Molyneux’s youtube channel (stefbot, and website, , lots of useful relevant information on there. I’d also recommend the youtube channel “Adam vs the Man”