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Morality vs. Legality: A Framework

Below is an ~8 minute video of a presentation I recorded before going on vacation a few weeks ago.

The question of what is legal seemed to be interfering with some of my friends’ views about what is right. Ironically, just yesterday a friend pointed out that I’d been doing the same thing! That goes to show you: no video can take the place of a good friend and friendly discussion.

On that note, I view this as a work in progress and look forward to knowing your comments.

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  1. Consent Withdrawn says

    Excellent essay Teresa! I couldn’t agree more. What is legal is often not moral or ethical and vice versa. It frustrates me the way so many worship law and hold it in such high regard. Ethics are so much more meaningful than law. Living ethically serves all equally. Following some law benefits those who created the laws. My credo is, do no harm to others. That’s all you need.